Fine Art




The Barbed Hare provides fine art in the form of prints, original works, objects, and stationery, delivered to your door.

Get offline. Find the world again.
In the ever-increasing world of technological advancements, humans are forgetting the simple things in life. Nature, family and the greater world around them.

We want you to step back. Talk to each other. Be with each other. Feel with each other. In the old school way. Communicating without a screen. Putting pen to paper and art on walls. Beauty in front of your eyes that is tangible. Real.

Come with us on our journey. Share with us your stories. But most importantly, write it all down. Draw it on paper. Commit it to a medium you can feel between your fingers, like a good book.


We are creating a new range of planners, inspired by Scandinavian minimalism, in combination with the rich, warm colours of the tropics. We are taking pre-orders for our daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and moon phase planners now. Take a look at the planner page to find out more and get in contact to register your interest.

Weekly planner cover with marble background