The Barbed Hare and her mistress

Fine art and stories

There’s a story in every nook and cranny, of the alchemical portraits, sketched with sublime precision. A passion for art and life that is reflected in the alchemical portraits, botanical illustrations and patterned minimalist shapes.

I could tell you the story. Dress it up in fancy words and sugar coated euphemisms, but in the end, you’ll find your own version of the story, recognise something in yourself you see in the artworks. Dark or light, the choice is entirely yours.


Elf with haunted House illustration by The Barbed Hare

Poppy, lady and haunted house
Pen on paper – Prints available

1920s Swinger portrait illustration by The Barbed Hare

Lady in 1920s flapper dress
Pen on paper – Prints available

Lady and orchid
Pen on paper – Prints available

Woman in recline - Alchemical Portrait
Dutch lady drawing
Geometric pattern by Naomi Anne Little from The Barbed Hare

Geometric landscapes

Geometric landscapes fall off my fingers. Colours reverberate inside squares containing ice, mountains, rivers and deserts. Moons shine down and suns burst through subdued horizons. Lines play a big part in my work. Below is a small selection of my digital illustrations. 

The works are created in 1200px sqaures, about 8″ x 8″. Being digital works, they can be re-sized to fit your purpose. I can also create one in colours to match your interior specifications. They can also be painted larger scale on paper, canvas or directly onto walls. 

If you have something in mind that you would like created, or would like one of my digital works in print form, you are welcome to make an enquiry. 

Iceberg melting digital illustration
Sea, sun and land illustration by Naomi Anne Little from The Barbed Hare