Naomi Anne Little

Naomi Anne Little

Influenced heavily by Renaissance painters and the Orientalism movement combined with modern forms of colour, Naomi creates alchemical portraits, surreal landscapes and anthropomorphic animal satires. Having an artist as a mother, Naomi learnt the basics from an early age, spending many hours painting perfectly shaded 3D spheres. Having a differing style to her mother’s often well planned and executed artworks, Naomi focused on lines, representation of subjects and colour. Prussian blue and blood red are featured heavily in her works, with softer pallets used at times, mixed with one wrong colour. A brown in a shaded pink piece, a green in a tonal autumnal piece. 

Naomi’s evolution in portraiture took on a life of its own in the European Spring of 2017, with her work I see you. It was a portrait of an Africa woman, done in reds and purples. It was as if something clicked inside her head and creativity found new heights in the humble pen. Strong lines still feature in her new works, but the subjects have evolved beyond anything she has done before. The works are graphic and make the viewer look twice to see the smaller details of a building, botanical elements and the often darker elements of life. At times there’s a light, the light of Naomi that shines through, brighter than any full moon, yet softer than the noon-time sun. 

Obsessed with art, Naomi draws daily, looking in her surroundings for new subjects and life experiences to pen down on paper. Larger, more abstract works filled with bright colours are also in Naomi’s arsenal, with a new series being worked based on oceanic landscapes and sunshine. Digital works are created in between, with soft patterns and pop art styled images created, with an Australian influence that is exemplified in her Mountain and Vegemite digital imaginings.

Strong colours, bold lines and alternative whimsy summarise Naomi’s style.

Naomi is the founder of The Barbed Hare and has a freelance business creating digital graphics, copywriting and branding.