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The Deer Woman is a spirit that has associations with fertility and love. It’s the perfect gift for the more spiritual, open-hearted loved one. our love for the esoteric often takes us beyond a common portrait. Interweaving the mystical into the artworks, we come to surprising artistic conclusions. The deep Autumnal colours┬áin The Deer Woman reminds us that Winter isn’t far off and to cherish those we love, for the other side of The Deer Woman can reach in and steal them without a second glance.

More on The Deer Woman

Sometimes, The Deer Woman is a shapeshifter, who appears as a young maiden, but with the lower part of her body being that of a deer. She steals the hearts of men, who become enamoured by her beauty and then leaves them in a state of perpetual shock. Hiding in the undergrowth beside roads, she watches all who pass. When the drums begin, she can be seen dancing through the shadows to the rhythm, leaving when the beats cease to exist. Like most spirits, The Deer Woman is known for both good and evil deeds, with the latter reported more often than its predecessor.

The Deer Woman Facts

  • Prevalent spirit in Native American tribes
  • Hooves as feet
  • Antlers growing out of her skull
  • Beautiful beyond the norm
  • Entrances young men
  • Dances to drums and stops when the beat disappears
  • Not wise to look her in the eye
  • Walks with a black veil over her head
  • Reminder, that the world lies beyond your immediate home

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Spiritual thoughts on The Deer Woman

“In all of the stories, Deer Woman┬áis a powerful, spirit-being meant to remind us (People of creation) to remember our responsibilities, to tend the fire, and to be aware of the powerful forces that exist beyond the homeplace.”
A Deer Woman Anthology, produced by Native Realities


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Deer woman print, printed on high-quality acid and lignin free textured paper.